Comprehensive maintenance of communal gardens, cleaning and swimming pools. High standards since 1998

Since 1998 in Flor de Flors we have comprehensively covered all aspects of gardening, maintenance and outdoor work in general required on the island of Majorca. We work with individuals, residents’ associations and sports centres to make our customers’ lives easier.

  • Cleaning and maintenance of communal gardens
  • Swimming pool maintenance
  • Events

Swimming pool maintenance

We carry out all pool cleaning and maintenance tasks, so all you have to worry about is enjoying it. In addition to daily pool maintenance tasks, our team ensures the correct operation of the machinery and excellent water quality, achieved through strict analysis and control.

If you having doubts over whether to build a pool because maintenance and cleaning seem tedious, Flor de Flors is your company. In less than 24 hours you will have a technician available to resolve any type of incident.

Cleaning and maintenance of communal gardens

The maintenance and cleaning of communal gardens is one of Flor de Flors most expert lines of business. Our cleaning team also undergoes continuous training so that they are familiar with the latest, most effective and least aggressive products and techniques.

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SINCE 1998

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Trimming and pruning

We trim and prune both palm trees and pine trees for which Flor de Flors provides the machinery, experience and transfer and transport services to landfills authorised for this purpose.

Please contact us to request a quote for any of our services.  We will be happy to resolve any doubts you may have.


We have been decorating practically all types of events since our foundation. We know the needs of both large and small customers. We organise weddings, wedding receptions, award ceremonies and presentations. Wherever tasteful and natural decoration is required, Flor de Flors will provide that distinctive touch.